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Nail and eyebrow kiosk | 3 seats eyebrow kiosk design for sale

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Nail and eyebrow kiosk | 3 seats eyebrow kiosk design for sale


This kiosk combines with nail and eyebrow service, size is 10ft by 12ft, our designer take the most advantage of limited space, arrange 3 eyebrow service stations and one nail stations, so you can have one multifuctional kiosk for your business, yes?

Main material for this kiosk is MDF, surface finished by glossy baking paint. We will use image with backlit as decoration for the nail and eyebrow kiosk, also have some lines on the kiosk body, to make it modern and nice.


  • Size: 10ft by 12ft
  • Color: white and pink
  • Working counter: baking paint, or can be finished by man made stone
  • Door: hinged door
  • Drawer and cabinet: each will have lock and key
  • Kiosk decoration: image with backlit


1. Here are some more detailed pictures for nail and eyebrow kiosk






2. Main material for your better reading




3. Some real production pictures for your reference



4. Nail and eyebrow kiosk buying guide





Need further nail and eyebrow kiosk information, feel free to contact us, thanks.


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