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Shopping mall jewelry display showcase | jewelry kiosk with led light | jewelry kiosk design for sale

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Shopping mall jewelry display showcase | jewelry kiosk with led light | jewelry kiosk design for sale


This jewelry kiosk is designed in 10m by 10m, used in Australian mall. There is a real pillar inside the jewelry kiosk in mall, that is why we need to leave suitable space for it, also our designer use this pillar skillfully, to design a cashier counter in front of it. Cahiser counter is in a roung shape, seems it moves around the pillar, which has a good meaning of jewelry. Followings are detailed information for the jewelry kiosk:


  • size: 10m by 10m
  • material: main material is MDF, surface finished by glossy baking paint
  • color: white and black, also can be designed to meet your personal needs
  • shelve: tempered glass shelve, each shelve will have led light hidden inside
  • skirting: stainless steel skirting
  • lock: each cabinet will install locks, ensure it is enough safe for you


1. More detailed pictures about jewelry kiosk for your reference:


2. Here is the real jewelry kiosk production pictures, how do you like it?




If need further jewelry kiosk information, feel free to contact me, thank you!


email: sales03@uniquekiosk.com

skype: uniquekiosk1212

website: www.mykioskey.com




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